Who We Are

The Meadow Rose Society..

Has found, in today’s economy, young families face ongoing struggles when trying to support their children. The cost of raising children is high. After paying out monthly expenses, many young families have very little left over to purchase the basics for their babies. While living in a day by day existence, they soon find themselves trapped in the cycle of poverty.

The Meadow Rose Society is committed to promoting, and supporting breastfeeding as the optimal method of infant feeding. In order for babies to have adequate nutrition, Pediatricians recommend that, if a baby cannot be breast fed, they stay on formula until the age of one year.

The first year of life is so critical, especially up to three months. Going off of formula too young can lead to physical, psychological or developmental issues. Although there are food banks in BC, the basic needs of children under three are overlooked. Our purpose is to help relieve poverty in our community by providing the basic needs for children under the age of three.

The public is constantly inundated with advertising and reports concerning the low stocks in our food banks. By specializing in infant needs, Meadow Rose wants to be able to make baby food and other baby items available at all times. Remember the first year of life is the most important time of growth and The Meadow Rose Society wants to make sure no baby falls through the cracks!