We Provide Basic Needs To Children Under 4 For Families In Financial Crisis Living In Chilliwack & Hope, BC

● Nonprofit, Donor supported ● All Volunteer Staff
● Helping thousands of local families and children

Your Charitable Contributions Deserve To Make A Difference To Families In Your Hometown

But There’s A Problem

● For many, their contributions do not impact local families and children but go towards out-of-town support where they can't see the impact of their donations● And often, one can't visit a local charitable organization to see face-to-face the people they are impacting
● Many don't consider the thousands of local families in financial crisis who are desperate for basic necessities for their children● More than likely, a percentage of your donations go towards supporting organizations' administrative overhead

We feel your struggle. In chatting with donors, we understand many want to know their contributions matter to local families and children in need, where they can see face-to-face who they are helping and where 100% of your donation dollars go towards supporting your Chilliwack and Hope community. We can help make your donations count in your hometown.

Meadow Rose Society Comes Alongside You To Do This

Serve Local

Chilliwack families and children are served by your donations.

Fill A Gap

Your donations help supply formula, diapers & more as the Chilliwack Food Bank cannot supply enough of these.

Make A Difference

Your contributions ensure precious children are fed and clean, and their parents’ gratitude.

100% Towards Children

Your donations do not contribute to administration costs, only to supporting local families and children.

Your Local Care Plan In 3 Simple Steps


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There are days I come in here crying not knowing which way to turn and they’ve gone out of their way to help me. I’m so thankful that people donate to them because without those donations how could they turn around and help my kids. Here, it’s all about the kids.

Chilliwack MomClient, Meadow Rose Society

They are warm and friendly, welcoming and they’ve provided us with cribs. They also gave us car seats and clothing. It’s a great environment. I would encourage all moms to come on in, they’ll help you with whatever you need.

Chilliwack MomClient, Meadow Rose Society