Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

We envision our communities as a place where every child has access to food and clean diapers as our slogan states:

Growing healthy babies for a healthy future.

Our Mission

Working with our community to ease hunger and the needs of impoverished children, three and under, by acquiring and supplying these basics needs for these children and to be the voice of our community to promote public awareness of these needs.

Our Values

“Every child, regardless of their family`s income, deserves a strong start”

• We believe that all people should be treated with compassion, dignity and understanding.
• We believe that all children have the right to clean diapers and food!
• We are committed to the needs of our community through distribution and support of basic
needs and care for these children.
• We value our volunteers and donors and their generous support and talent.
• We value excellent servant leadership and strive to provide such.