In Memory of Kathereen Kessler, Meadow Rose Society Founder

Kathereen Kessler, the driving force behind Meadow Rose Society, believed in giving every child a fair start in life, no matter the family’s financial situation. Her vision led to the creation of a lifeline for struggling families in Chilliwack and beyond.

Meadow Rose Society started with Kathereen’s determination to provide essentials like diapers, formula, and vitamins to families facing tough times. Her legacy is one of empathy and action. She understood the struggles families faced firsthand and worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between necessity and affordability. Kathereen knew that rural communities often faced even greater challenges, so she aimed to extend the organization’s reach to places like Agassiz, Hope, Yale, and Boston Bar.

Meadow Rose Society strives to honor her legacy through our ongoing efforts to help families in need. Working alongside our community, we can ensure that her vision of a brighter future for every child lives on.